Auritech Custom Fit Ear Plugs – A Review by Laramoto

Auritech Custom Fit Ear Plugs – A Review by Laramoto

Ever wanted a pair of ear plugs that are so comfortable that you forget you’re wearing them? Look no further than the Auritech custom fit earplugs. They fit snuggly inside the ear canal with a twist and push, totally filling your ear hole with your favourite customised colours. Did you know that your ears change as you age? The plugs you bought about 5 years ago are now well out of date. The fitting on my old ones wasn’t quite right and I knew I need an upgrade.

With my new Auritech custom plugs, I’ve certainly noticed the deadening of the right sounds and I feel protected, yet I can still have a decent conversation and hear what I need to hear on the road and track. I can still hear my Ducati burbles and the pop on the R6 of course. The moulding process is well, a hassle, but for custom plugs its the only way to go. Getting to a bike show is the most convenient way to get it done and Auritech have a studio in Guildford where they do free fittings. However there are many ear specialist stores local to you that will create your moulds and send them over to Auritech for manufacture.

The best bit? Zero risk of being pulled out when you pull your helmet over your face. Let’s be honest, the folded ear problem is real and made so much worse when perfectly placed earplugs dislodge and you’ve got to restart the neck scarf, ear plug and helmet positioning faff. No more issues with that thanks to the Auritech team!

The Auritech Custom Plugs are pretty small compared to the plugs I was using, my previous ones filled the space around my ear canal which helped a little when I was trying to get my greasy motorbike hands around them. The Auritechs are a little less easier to handle and easier to lose, so always keep your ear moulds for easy remanufacture. They come with a little bag to assist in not losing them.

I asked for some funky red white and black plugs to match my branding. They are unique to me in colour and design, plus the red and blue internal bore helps with reminding me which one is for the right or left ear. Inserting them into my ear felt uncomfortably deep but you do get used to it. The Auritechs comes with a handy wax scoop but you’ll be pleased to know I’ve saved those photos for my private collection. With years of motorcycle riding ahead of you, you’ll be grateful you invested in Auritechs.

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