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SizzApp – review by Laramoto for Superbike News

This is a SizzApp review about a bike tracker that I didn’t think I’d use, but since I fitted it, it’s become essential. As much as we’d love to ride our bikes 100% of the time, at some point we are going to leave it; either tucked up in a garage, or maybe in a free parking space on a busy street, or in the corner of a poorly lit car park. I used to regretfully look over my shoulder as I said goodbye to my precious motor. Now I can walk away knowing I’m still connected to my bike through the SizzApp monitoring device.

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The immediate reassurance of fitting a tracker are the movement notifications, indicating that your bike has moved. In my case, my delightful partner was taking her out of the garage for a clean and the SizzApp device alerted my phone immediately via a ‘towing’ notification. It will also tell you less good news, if the monitor had been unplugged, the signal was jammed or if it has been in a crash. You can even set up a ‘Geofence’, where it will report if your bike has moved outside the perimeter you have set around your home, or where you parked it. If you’ve left your bike sit for a while, it’s easy to check the battery voltage too, all reported in the app.

The tracking GPS function is ideal for a group ride out. If you’ve all got the monitor fitted; being separated is easily fixed as you can see exactly each party is and navigate straight back to each other. You can record all your ride-outs for the last 2 years, share your favourite rides on social media and plan trips with others.  You even get some bragging stats for the cafe stop, including top speed (km/h), braking & acceleration forces (m/s2)… best to save those max efforts for the track eh?

Sizzapp Review 01The less appealing bit is fitting it. It is definitely simple but if you’ve got a bike where the battery is firmly tucked under fairing instead of your seat, it’s a pain. The app interface is a bit sensitive and not quite as intuitive as you might be used to, however I’ve never had better instant customer service than the @Sizzapp Instagram team. Now I’ve fitted the Sizzapp monitor I don’t want to give it back!

Watch this space you will be able to get the Sizzapp at a very discounted price for Superbike News readers.

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